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How it Works

  • Select the data source
  • Inspect and manipulate incoming data
  • Configure aggregations
  • Pick a visualization
  • Share as a single chart or group many in a dashboard
Select Data Source

1. Select Data Source

Select and configure the source of your data, you can consume data from a wide range of supported sources like Excel, Google Spreadsheets, CSV files, Databases, Message Queues, Logs, PubNub, Firebase, MQTT and Web Sockets.

2. Inspect Data

Visualize incoming data as it happens in the Data View section, see they flow or pause to inspect an entry in detail.

Rename fields, edit values, add or remove items from records or lists, define formulas, all from the Data View section.

Inspect Data
Manipulate Data

3. Manipulate Data

Review data manipulation operations in the Changes View, edit or remove changes to get the data the way you need.

4. Configure Aggregations

Define how the incoming data should be aggregated by dragging and dropping fields from the Data View, see the aggregations update as data changes.

Configure Aggregations
5. Pick a Visualization

Pick a Visualization

Select a visualization from the list of available charts, instadeq filters the possible visualizations according to the type of aggregation have, explore the alternatives and select the best one.

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