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No Code Data Analysis & Dashboard Builder

From data to insights in minutes

Instadeq Running on Different Devices

Turn Excel Spreadsheets, Google Sheets, CSV Files, JSON Files, Scripts and Integrations

into always up-to-date dashboards, no coding required

Any Data Format

Excel, Google Sheets, CSVs, JSON, APIs and Databases unified in a single tool

If you can make an HTTP request you have all you need to integrate with instadeq via webhooks. No libraries required

To any Device

The best design from Smartphones and Tablets to Computers and TVs

Nothing to install, a modern web browser is all you need

For the Right Audience

Share a chart, deck, dashboard or slideshow with your team, stakeholders and clients with fine grained access control

Always Current

Stay in sync, confident that everyone is looking at the latest version

No refresh intervals or reloads, up-to-date data all the time

Save Time, Don’t Repeat Yourself

Load new data let Instadeq recalculate all relevant steps, no manual work every time there’s new data

No Code, No Limits

Our visual and Intuitive drag and drop based environment with instant feedback goes beyond basic data manipulation

Formulas, Functions, Conditionals, Filtering, Lookups, Column and Custom Summarization when you need them, no coding required

Data Analysis at the Speed of Thought

Data-driven decision making and ad-hoc data analysis without waiting, reloading or endless navigation


🌱🌎 1% of your subscription will contribute to remove CO2 from the atmosphere


Coming Soon

  • 14 Day Free Evaluation
  • Self Service Tutorials and Guides
  • Community Support
  • 5 Projects
  • 3 Shared Reports
  • 25 Visualizations
  • 1 Concurrent Session
  • All Connectors


$30 / month

  • 14 Day Free Evaluation
  • Individual Onboarding & Office Hours
  • Email & In-App Chat Support
  • 20 Projects
  • 10 Shared Reports
  • 50 Visualizations
  • 5 Concurrent Sessions
  • All Connectors


$50 / month

  • 14 Day Free Evaluation
  • Individual Onboarding & Office Hours
  • Email & In-App Chat Support
  • 60 Projects
  • 30 Shared Reports
  • 150 Visualizations
  • 15 Concurrent Sessions
  • All Connectors
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