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Instadeq makes You a Citizen Data Scientist

Turn all your data into always up-to-date actionable insights

Data Science for Everyone

🎥 Watch how to create interactive visualizations from SpaceX's JSON API: 🚀 SpaceX API Demo

Query, Filter, Aggregate, Adapt

Drag and drop fields or values to do operations that would require complex programming to achieve

Do Exploratory Analysis

Clone individual steps or complete projects, try alternatives, add dynamic filters and knobs to explore alternative scenarios

Decide on up-to-date Facts

Create notebooks and dashboards once, results are updated automatically when new data is available

Understand, Share, Reuse, Repeat

🎥 Watch how to create and share visualizations of Premier League Matches from a CSV: ⚽ Premier League Statistics

Share to any Device

Reports adapt layout and content to the current device resolution

Nothing to install, just a modern web browser

Remix, Change, Share Again

Make a copy of a shared report to your workspace, modify it to your needs

When ready, share it again

Explore Variations

Start from interactive templates and tutorials, remix shared notebooks and dashboards, clone your own or just starting from scratch

Interactive, Live, Direct

🎥 Watch how to create always up-to-date Sales visualizations from an Excel Spreadsheet: 📈 Sales KPIs from an Excel Spreadsheet

Work Directly on your Data

No modes, dialogs, complex navigation, extra screens or pop-ups

Changes Reflect Instantly

Notebooks and visualizations are live, reflecting every change instantly

Try Ideas, Revert Mistakes

Get recommended configurations and tips, go back to previous versions with time-traveling undo

🎥 Watch how to create live visualizations from Streams with PubNub: 💹 Trades Heatmap from PubNub Streams



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  • 7 Day Free Evaluation Period
  • Self Service Tutorials and Guides
  • Community Support
  • 3 Projects
  • 3 Shared Reports
  • 20 Visualizations
  • 1 Concurrent Session
  • All Connectors


$30 / month

  • 7 Day Free Evaluation Period
  • Individual Onboarding Session
  • Email & In-App Chat Support
  • 20 Projects
  • 10 Shared Reports
  • 50 Visualizations
  • 5 Concurrent Sessions
  • All Connectors


Coming Soon

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