No-code Data Analysis & Interactive Visualizations

Unlock Your Data Analyst Superpowers

Instadeq Running on Different Devices

Turn Excel Spreadsheets, Google Sheets, CSV Files, JSON Files, Scripts and Integrations

into always up-to-date dashboards, no code required

⏳ Save Time, Don’t Repeat Yourself

New data? load it and all relevant steps recalculate automatically, no manual work every time there’s an update

⚑ Always Current

Stay in sync confident that everyone sees the latest updates

No refresh intervals or reloads. Up-to-date data all the time

🦾 No-code, No Limits

A drag and drop environment with instant feedback that goes beyond basic data manipulation

Formulas, Conditions, Filters, Joins, Pivot Tables, Column Summaries when you need them, no code needed

Let instadeq do the boring and repetitive work by proposing next steps and running them for you

πŸ’Ύ Any Data Format

Excel, Google Sheets, CSVs, JSON, APIs and Databases in a single place

Drop files directly or automate integrations with WebHooks. No libraries required

πŸ’» To any Device

Responsive layouts for Phones, Tablets, Computers and TVs

Nothing to install, a modern web browser is all you need

πŸš€ Data Analysis at the Speed of Thought

Dashboards, reports and interactive data analysis for better decision making

No more waiting, reloading or endless navigation

πŸŽ₯ See it in Action

πŸ“š Check the Guides Section for detailed examples

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