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Make No Code Dashboards from JSON Files

Instadeq NoCode Dashboard from JSON File Example

Overview Video

Download JSON Files

Files used in this demo:

Right click on the links above and select Save link as... or similar

Redmine Issue Fetcher Script

The files above were created using a script, you can get it here: Redmine Issue Fetcher

Check the Readme for instructions on how to use it.

Load the Template

If you want to explore and modify the results create a new card, switch to the Examples tab on the top and select the 🐞 Redmine Issues JSON Dashboard from JSON File example.

It will load the complete example in a new deck, you can then load the JSON file to populate the charts.

You can click here to load the Redmine Issues Dashboard Deck in a trial session, notice that if shared it won't load the data since trial sessions don't support persistent channels.

Step by Step Guide

Continue to step by step tutorial section