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Create Dashboards from Data Integration Tools

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What's is a Data Integration Tool?

Data Integration involves collecting data from different sources (streaming or batch) and transform, filter, cleansing, enrich and send it to a single or multiple destinations. If you are working with a Data Integration Tool that allows you to send the your data with an HTTP Post, you can use Instadeq to create visualizations.

There are a huge list of different types of Data Integration tools: Open source, Propietary, Desktop, Web, On-Premise and Cloud based. Some of them are:

These tools have connectors for multiple sources types such as Kafka, Http, Syslog, SQL Databases (Oracle, SQL Server, Postgres, MariaDB, MySQL), MongoDB, CouchDB, Kudu, JMS, MQTT, Elastic Search, RabbitMQ, Files, Directories, Redis, Hadoop, etc and with an HTTP Sink/Destination component you can send the data directly to Instadeq.