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Google Sheets to Instadeq Add-on

Overview Video


To send data from Google Spreadsheets you need to install the Instadeq Add-on for Google Spreadsheets:

  • Open a Google Spreadsheet with your account

  • Select the Add-ons > Get add-ons... on the main menu

  • Search for instadeq on the Search add-ons search box at the top right of the Add-ons dialog

  • Select the Instadeq Spreadsheets result and install it

  • Review and accept permissions if required


You only need to do this step once per spreadsheet.

On Instadeq:

  • Go to the Admin section on the top bar on your Instadeq account

  • Create a Hook or use an existing one

  • Copy the Hook URL by clicking the copy to clipboard icon on the right side of the chosen Hook

  • Select the close button on the top bar to go back to your deck

On your Google Spreadsheet:

  • Configure where the data will be sent by selecting Add-ons > Instadeq Spreadsheet > Settings from the main menu

  • Paste the Hook URL on the Input Field, click OK when ready


When the data is ready to be sent to your dashboard you can send it by selecting selecting Add-ons > Instadeq Spreadsheet > Send from the main menu


If you Send data and it doesn't appear on the Spreadsheet source card check the following:

On the Spreadsheet Side

  • The Hook URL configured on the Instadeq Spreadsheet Add-on is correct

    • Check if it has any extra or missing characters

    • Try removing the current Hook URL and paste it again from Instadeq's Hook list

On the Instadeq Side

  • The Hook URL configured on the Instadeq Spreadsheet Add-on still exists in the Hooks list

  • The Hook points to the right channel

  • The Spreadsheet source card is set to persistent and has the same channel as the Hook you are using