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Create Dashboards from Ably queues


Ably is an enterprise-ready pub/sub messaging platform with integrated services to easily build complete realtime functionality delivered directly to end-users.

You can use Instadeq to create live dashboards, reports and make interactive analysis of your Ably data.

Step 1 - Open Ably Homepage

Go to and create an account if you don't have one yet, then login and go to "Your dashboard".


Step 2 - Create a new Project

Select an existing project or create a new one. In this example we will call it Flickr and use geolocated data for photos uploaded to Flickr.


Step 3 - Copy API Key

Once your project is created, you can copy your API Key to subscribe to new events.


If you have an existing project, you can go to API Keys and copy your Key with "Subscribe" capabilities.


Step 4 - Create an Ably Card on Instadeq

Create an Ably card on Instadeq.


Step 5 - Configure Ably Card on Instadeq

Paste your Ably API Key.

Set your channel to "photos"

Set Event Names to "portugal"


Step 6 - Send data to Ably

If you don't have an app producing data, you can click Try this in your browser.


Step 7 - Configure your Ably JS Code

Copy and paste the following Javascript Code and Copy your Root Key that has permission to publish data to your queues.

 *  Note: this example uses a demo API key. Your own API keys are available in your account dashboard: ''.
const ably = new Ably.Realtime('COPY_HERE_YOUR_ROOT_KEY');

 * Note: this example uses a random channel name. You can use your own channel name when running this code sample against an Ably app.
const channel = ably.channels.get('photos');

$('input#publish').on('click', function() {
  const data = {
        title: "Sunset in Portugal",
        lat: 9.1393,
        lng: 38.7223,
        date: "2022/03/23 22:32:33"
  channel.publish('portugal', data);

channel.subscribe(function(message) {
  show('⬅ Received: ' +;

function show(status) {
  $('#channel-status').append($('<li>').text(status).css('color', 'green'));

Step 8 - Click Publish a Message


Step 9 - Check data appears on Instadeq

Check the new data appears on the Output tab


Step 10 - Build your live Dashboard

Now you can follow our guides, videos or use our templates to create a live no-code dashboard using the data from Ably.