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Create Dashboards from a Firebase Database

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Firebase is categorized as a NoSQL database program, which stores data in JSON-like documents.

You can use Instadeq to create live dashboards, reports and make interactive analysis of your Firebase Realtime data.

Step 1 - Open Firebase Homepage

Go to and create an account if you don't have one yet, then login and go to the main console.


Step 2 - Create a new Project

Select an existing project or create a new one.


In this example I will call it Flickr Photos and use geolocated data for photos uploaded to Flickr.


You can disable Google Analytics if it is a test project


Step 3 - Create a Realtime Database

Click on Realtime Database


Click on Create Database


Select a database location


You can start on locked mode but we will need later to enable read mode


Step 4 - Create a Firebase Card on Instadeq


Step 5- Create a new app in Firebase

We need to create a new app in Firebase in order to access to our Realtime database from an external app.


You can name it Instadeq.


Step 6 - Copy Firebase Configuration to Instadeq Firebase Card

Firebase will generate configuration properties that you need to copy to Instadeq Firebase Card.

We won't enable authentication for this test but we recommend you to read and configure Firebase Authentication.

Fill the configuration fields and when ready select Apply.


Step 7 - Allow Readmode for your Database

Allow read mode for your Realtime Database. This is for test purpouse only. Later you should configure more advanced security rules.


Step 8 - Import a json file to your Realtime Database


Step 9 - Check data appears on Instadeq

Every time that you change your json, Instadeq Firebase Card will receive the data in realtime.


Firestore Errors

In the tab Error you can find any error connecting with Firebase.


Step 10 - Build your live Dashboard

Now you can follow our guides, videos or use our templates to create a live no-code dashboard using the data from Firebase.


💭 Would you like to go over this topic with an instadeq specialist?

📅 Book a Call Free of Charge